The Kind Guya€™s Guide to Appointment Women in Belgrade, Serbia

The Kind Guya€™s Guide to Appointment Women in Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is actually significantly from the vacationer radar, and not since popular as Scandinavia, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam. But, any time you visit, you’ll not be dissatisfied of the attractive Serbian ladies walking on for hours on end during the summer. But’s not a good night-game destination.


To begin with the evening, it is possible to go directly to the placed bar-restaurant location at Skadarlija, with for example the red-bar. However, this really is even more for finding food and pre-drinks, and not really for pickup. Also, have a look at hidden square that was rather difficult to find at first, for several a lot more options. We only stumbled upon this the past evening before We left. It’s behind red-bar, just easily accessible through Cetinjska road.

The Splavs

Further, go directly to the Splavs. These are generally drifting boat organizations regarding the Sava lake. Go from Savamala, across the a€?Brankov mosta€? connection. The Splavs are the boats on your right-hand area, soon after your cross the connection. There are some some other Splavs nevertheless these will be the main your. In cold weather, certain Splavs near all the way down, and those parties go on to the town in houses rather. Likewise, the metropolis groups is closed-in summer time after Splavs tend to be available.

The Splavs are touristic (which is not big, it is like a a€?tourist trapa€?). I paid 500 Serbian Dinar getting inside Tag Splav. Once in, absolutely one big area, a poor sex proportion, together with sounds levels become maxed aside. After Label We went to Freestyler Splav. There clearly was no entry charge but their similar to label internally, with conveniently 80percent men and 20percent women.

Therefore the females experience the top submit these groups. While 5 males would contend for 1 girl. These women are mostly unfriendly, perhaps the unattractive babes has large a€?bitch-shieldsa€?. (therefore it’s probably the contrary from the feamales in e.g. Helsinki). Plus, there are the ladies with silicone lip area who are just looking for a wealthy guy with cash to place around.

Should you decide approach a girl in friends with guys, the people will appear at your strangely: a€?that is this guy and how much does he want?a€? But their really discreet, like they are disapproving, but still perhaps not entirely intolerant. A nearby men did not look like they might bring hostile unless you are inebriated and trigger all of them. The ladies primarily stay-in their unique personal circles. And additionally they go home a great deal prior to when the guys.

In closing, don’t see Belgrade for all the lifestyle. Through the night, it is mostly a a€?social group gamea€? town. (Disclaimer: I seen Belgrade during the Summer, and so this article is certainly not a total verdict on the winter season night life.)


Daygame ended up being big. You will find breathtaking Serbian females throughout in the day time hours. Plus, Belgrade are a secure town, still unfettered by vices of globalism. The pedestrian street, Knez Mihailova, may be the highlight. However wherever your walk in Belgrade you will discover daygame prospective.

I did consider unique Belgrade nicely, but it’s strictly domestic and industrial. There is nothing observe apart from maybe checking out the stores. In addition to that, several supply suggested Ada Ciganlija, basically a swimming pond when it comes to summer time.

I wouldn’t claim that the girls were smooth. They keep back their own true ideas. It is like these include trying to comply with the personal stress a€“ maybe not supplying their figures also conveniently unless you render a good impression. However, you’ll have a good time.

Online dating sites in Belgrade

I got the banner from using the internet (Tinder). The lady ended up being just a little inhibited like the some other Serbian ladies, but nonetheless opened up intimately reasonably fast on the evening we met. There clearly wasn’t a huge amount of girls to swipe in the middle of the metropolis (outdated Belgrade). I got good suits but went away from females within a 5km radius after 4 or 5 era. Therefore I needed to greatly enhance my distance, which turns out to be slightly more challenging to set up a date.

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